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Thank you in advance for taking the time to view our films. The first films are the last ones which we produced to date.  


Directors' Version
"The Art Of Survival"

Four men from hyperinflation torn Venezuela arrive on the island of The Dominican Republic in search of a better life. They soon realized their journey had only begun when their manhood was questioned and there was zero truth in what they were told before leaving their homeland. By relying on their natural instincts in order to eat, they created the art to survive.

Directed By: Jerome Fitts
SoundTrack Courtesy of Crownn Records. All Rights Reserved.2020
Filmed on location: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic 2006
All Rights Reserved. 4 Letter Films. 2021

How Could You?

A simple short film about being thankful for what we have now instead of wanting more later. This film shows 11 humans living their lives in what the normal world would consider destitute. They accept what is given to their souls and make the best of it.

Directed By: Jerome Fitts
Produced By: Jerome Fitts for 4 Letter Films and Pivatell Operations LTD. 2020
Music Arrangement: Philip Ailon (Courtesy of Crownn Recording Group.2020) & (WillMatt Publishing)
Copyright Controlled. All Rights Reserved 2020.

4 Letter Films 2020